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Custom Information Sign

Custom information signs are a prominent communication device used in public spaces and roads to alert people to needed information and directions. These signs often are used [GF1] to offer directions for detours, alert travelers to hazardous conditions, offer information for safety evacuations and much more in order to impart important information.

Material: Stainless steel, aluminum plate, PVC or copper plate.

Craftsmanship of the custom information sign: Silk-screen and etching

The surface color and design of the custom information sign is flexible through an etching process, which is most often used when these signs are smaller than most other signs. These signs are a cost effective product used in a variety of locations and environments that need a high quality, durable sign.

The custom information sign is designed in full accordance with customer requirements, with the production process as follows:
Clients inform us of their requirements → know more details → Designing the custom information sign → Checking the drawing → Showing clients the design sketch → Agreement of the clients → Sign contract → Manufacture proofing → Sample confirmation → Workshop production → Factory inspection→ Installation at client specified location

Besides the information sign, Hengchang offers wide range of fiber optic communication equipment and components. Since 1994, we have extensive experience in making data communication and network equipment, always provide quality products for global customers.

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