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Cable Tray & Wire Management System

We provide high performance cable trays with aluminum alloy materials and spray coated surfaces. The cable tray systems meet all relevant fire control requirements for communications equipment. Wire management systems allow for convenience when it comes to maintaining equipment and installing new machines. Proper wire management saves time and money.

    1. CR1 Cable Tray The Hengchang CR1 cable tray is designed for the quick and easy installation and wiring channels of AC and DC cables, signal cables, and various optical cables. The tray can achieve reasonable wiring installation for all kinds of optical cables to facilitate simple maintenance in computer rooms. This helps to eliminate communication failures and potential safety hazards.
    1. CR2 Cable Tray The CR2 cable tray is one of our recommended installation and wiring channels for AC and DC cables, signal cables, and various optical cable systems. The cable tray creates an efficient and effective way to wire all kinds of cables for easy maintenance, to reduce communication failures, and eliminate potential safety hazards.
    1. CR3 Aluminum Cable Tray System The CR3 aluminum cable tray system acts as a wiring channel for various AC and DC power cables. Convenient wiring configurations facilitate easy system maintenance, reduce communications failures, and reduce the risk of potential safety hazards.
    1. FR2 Optical Fiber Cable Tray System The Hengchang FR2 optical fiber cable tray system is constructed from high quality aluminum alloy profiles to act as a channel for fiber placement in various optical wiring systems. The system facilitates simple maintenance practices and capacity expansion. It also reduces communications failures and potential safety hazards.

Hengchang is a leading networking equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the cable tray and wire management system, we are offering products like cable distribution cabinet, power distribution frame, FTTH terminal box, etc. We have extensive experience in making fiber optic communication and network equipment, always provide quality structured cabling products for global customers.

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