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FTTH Fiber Distribution Box

We offer two different types of FTTH fiber distribution boxes: an indoor fiber distribution bos and a fiber optic terminal box.

    1. FTTH Fiber Optic Terminal Box The FTTH fiber optic terminal box is used for direct connection or divergent connections of an indoor optical fiber cable, with one end of the terminal box connected to the optical fiber cable, and the other end attached to the pigtail. Wall mounting is the best installation method for this fiber optic terminal box.
    1. FTTH Indoor Fiber Distribution Box The FTTH indoor fiber distribution box is most often installed indoors, and can be equipped with a variety of ONU and information expansion modules, including a voice module, data module and router. It is often installed in a wall and provides a broadband, telephone and cable TV signal to the user.

Hengchang is a specialized fiber optic communication equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the FTTH fiber distribution box, we are offering FTTX distribution products and solutions like for FTTP optical fiber laid to the premises, FTTC fiber to the cabinet, FTTB fiber to the building, etc. We have extensive experience in making data communication equipment, always provide quality FTTH distribution products for global customers.

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