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FTTB Fiber Distribution Box

Hengchang developed our FTTB fiber distribution boxes to support solutions for corridor optical fiber wiring projects. We can design various corridor optical fiber box depending on your specific requirements.

    1. PLC Splitter FTTB Optical Fiber Distribution Box The distribution box can be used in outdoor and indoor installations for the connection, distribution, and dispatch between outdoor optical fiber cable and optical fiber terminal devices. The standard equipment of the PLC splitter FTTB optical fiber distribution box includes plug in type optical beam splitter and fiber adapter plates.
    1. Indoor FTTB Optical Fiber Distribution Box The indoor FTTB optical fiber distribution box is designed as a small capacity optical fiber cable wiring device. It is intended for use when the FTTH indoor optical fiber cable is accessed and distributed in the network. The fiber box performs optical fiber cable splicing, wiring, and splitting. The box type fiber optic beam splitter splits the beam and wires the fiber effectively.

Hengchang is a specialized fiber optic communication equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the FTTB fiber distribution box, we are offering FTTX distribution products and solutions like for FTTP optical fiber laid to the premises, FTTH fiber to the home, FTTC fiber to the cabinet, etc. We have extensive experience in making data communication equipment, always provide quality FTTB distribution products for global customers.

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