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Power Distribution Frame

Power distribution frames are installed in machine rooms and network data centers to provide power to necessary systems and monitor their power consumption in an organized and efficient manner.

    1. AC Power Distribution Frame AC power distribution frame is designed to supply power to various systems in IDC rooms or other telecommunication network data centers. The frame is installed at the front end of each column of network cabinets and distribute AC power to the equipment within. It also comes with a fault alarm indicator.
    1. DC Power Distribution Frame The DC power distribution frame is designed to distribute DC power for data center equipment. The frame is installed at the front end, center, or rear part of the cabinet. The DC power distribution cabinet features a fault alarm system for safety monitoring.

Hengchang is a leading network equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the power distribution frame, we are offering products like cable distribution cabinet, data center server rack, optical distribution frame, cable management system, etc. We have extensive experience in making network cabling equipment, always provide quality power distribution frame and cabinet for global customers.

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