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DC Power Distribution Frame

  • DC Power Distribution Frame
  • DC Power Distribution Frame (shunt fuse)
  • DC Power Distribution Frame (shunt breaker)

The DC power distribution frame is designed to distribute DC power for data center equipment. The frame is installed at the front end, center, or rear part of the cabinet. The DC power distribution cabinet features a fault alarm system for safety monitoring.

The cabinet body is constructed from high quality cold rolled steel plate that provides the system with excellent rigidity and durability.

The surface is electrostatically coated to create a beautiful appearance and provide anticorrosive effects. The color can be customized.

Main technical parameters
· Working voltage: DC -48V
· Voltage drop: ≤0.3V(20℃)
· Insulation resistance: ≥10 MΩ
· Dielectric strength: ≥1000V alternating current (50Hz), no breakdown or no-arcing within a minute.
· Reliability: MTBF ≥ 100000h
· Overvoltage alarm: +20% rated voltage
· Under-voltage alarm: -15% rated voltage
· Overcurrent alarm: > rated current

Outline size (mm) (height*width*depth) Shunt breaker Shunt fuse
Maximum capacity Maximum combination number Maximum capacity
2000*600*200 2*20 4 2*20
2200*600*200 2*24 4 2*24
2000*600*300 2*20 4 2*20
2200*600*300 2*24 4 2*24
2200*600*600 2*24 4 2*24

1. The power distribution frame feature a stable and easy to use structure. Modular layout inside the cabinet: the central part of the cabinet is equipped with an alarm monitoring device; the upper part is equipped with a protective device; the lower part is the power supply shunt wiring area, with internal instructions, convenient for wiring.

2. Reliable maintenance-free air switch for power distribution and overcurrent protection.

3. Multiple indicating functions: power supply indication, switch jump break alarm indication, lack-phase alarm indication, voltage abnormal alarm indication, real-time alarm, delay alarm and shielding alarm.

4. Remote monitoring of the present level meter, the total alarm number, the over-voltage and under-voltage alarm value; remote setting of the overvoltage alarm value, the under-voltage alarm value, and calibrating of the present level meter. There are 8 external device alarm input ports.

5. The monitoring device is easy to use and understand. The alarm circuit and instrument are integrated in a panel combination, the whole panel can be turned over, and taken out for testing all at once.

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