CR1 Cable Tray

The Hengchang CR1 cable tray is designed for the quick and easy installation and wiring channels of AC and DC cables, signal cables, and various optical cables. The tray can achieve reasonable wiring installation for all kinds of optical cables to facilitate simple maintenance in computer rooms. This helps to eliminate communication failures and potential safety hazards.

The installation and wiring channel of AC cables, DC cables, signal cables and various optical cables, which can achieve reasonable wiring of all kinds of optical cables, to facilitate maintenance of computer rooms, reduce communication failures and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Cable tray width specification series
250mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
Length can be customized.

1. The main beam and cable bearing plate all use flat steel materials.
2. Main beam size: 40×8mm, bending plate: 25×8mm
3. The main beam and cable bearing plate are fixed by bolt connection.
4. The top is fixed to the wall with a M16 screw.

Hengchang is a reliable fiber optic network equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the CR1 cable tray, we are offering products like cable distribution frame, optical distribution frame, FTTH products, etc. We have extensive experience in making data communication and networking equipment, always provide quality cable tray and structured cabling products for global customers.

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