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FR2 Optical Fiber Cable Tray System

  • FR2 optical fiber cable tray system
  • FR2 optical fiber cable tray system
  • Fixed fiber raceway down elbow
  • Fixed support
  • Active fiber raceway down elbow
  • Fiber raceway outlet

The Hengchang FR2 optical fiber cable tray system is constructed from high quality aluminum alloy profiles to act as a channel for fiber placement in various optical wiring systems. The system facilitates simple maintenance practices and capacity expansion. It also reduces communications failures and potential safety hazards.

Width series: 110mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
Height: 90 mm
Color: light orange

1. The main body of the optical fiber cable tray system is made up of an aluminum profile, with high strength, lightweight and convenient installation.
2. The surface is treated with an advanced spray that prevents deformation, aging, rust, and discoloration.
3. No matter in the connection between each turn, or each optical fiber pigtail and patch cord raceway down elbow, there is ≥R30mm arc designed to guarantee the minimum radius of curvature for optical fiber.
4. Inside the groove is flat and smooth. According to the needs, special connection fittings can be equipped to form a complete wiring device with smooth high and low connections.

Hengchang is a reliable fiber optic network equipment manufacturer and structured wiring products supplier since 1994, besides the optical fiber cable tray system, we are offering products like server rack and cabinet, cable distribution frame, data center networking products, etc. We have extensive experience in making optical fiber communication equipment, always provide quality cable tray and cable management system for global customers.

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