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Data Distribution Cabinet

  • Data distribution cabinet
  • Top heat dissipation ventilation structure

The data distribution cabinet is designed for building distribution frames (BD), architectural complex distribution frames (CD), and floor distribution frames (FD) within comprehensive intelligent building wiring systems. It is also suitable for use as a network distribution cabinet in computer network systems. Many different servers, hubs, and other active devices, distribution modules, fiber splice trays, etc. can be easily configured and installed within the data distribution cabinet.

The cabinet body is formed using a numerically controlled bending process of high quality cold rolled steel plate. This ensures that the cabinet has sufficient rigidity.

The surface uses an electrostatic spraying process to guarantee a beautiful appearance and sufficient anticorrosion performance. The color can be customized.

Name Outline size (height x width xdepth) Remarks
Data distribution cabinet 2000*600*600 Effective installation height: 42U
2200*600*600 Effective installation height: 46U
2600*600*600 Effective installation height: 54U

Composition of data distribution cabinet
The data distribution cabinet is composed of the cabinet body and various functional modules installed within. The cabinet consists of the cabinet body, a front wiring cabinet, back door, power outlet, and fan.

The standard cabinet includes: 1 frame, 4 connection columns, 2 side wire-binding plates, 1 copper earth bar, 2 side plates, 2 intermediate connection columns (configured when the depth size is greater than or equal to 800mm), 3 fixed support boards, 1 6-outlet AC power strip.

Optional door types: glass door, single perforated door, double perforated door, single non-perforated door, double non-perforated door

Available fan types: AC fan assembly, -48V or 24V DC fan assembly

1. Using high quality steel plate, surface treated with electrostatic spraying process, beautiful in appearance/anticorrosive.
2. The design of the cabinet is in accordance with IEC297-86 and GB/T3047.2-92 standards.
3. The installation size is standard 19 inches, modular installation of the internal equipment, with the front and rear position can be adjusted arbitrarily.
4. The cabinet has a ventilation hole and axial flow fan to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of internal active optical devices.
5. Sufficient wiring space and incoming wire passages.
6. The top and bottom of the cabinet have sufficient wire inlet and outlet holes to meet the requirements of upward and downward wiring solutions.

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