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Outdoor Telecom Enclosure

An outdoor telecom enclosure is extremely important for fibers and their ability to access a net of FTTH, FTTB, and FTTC programs. The fiber access method is customizable as per customer requirements. This outdoor enclosure is made using galvanized steel or a stainless steel plate, and is often used on roads, communities, remote areas, mountainous areas and base stations.

1. The outdoor telecom enclosure features a double wall structure design style. Between the inner and outer boards, there is EPS thermal insulation material, allowing the enclosure to preserve heat with none of the radiation risks.
2. The outermost board of the device is comprised of galvanized steel or a stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1.5mm, and the inner surface of the outer plate covers the high quality insulation wools in a thickness ranging between 10 and 30mm.
3. The inner layer of the top cover is 100mm thick, which effectively prevents solar radiation.
4. The box of the outdoor telecom enclosure uses a sealant material often used for automobiles, such as EPDM.
5. The surface of the outdoor telecom enclosure is an electrostatic plastic spray, giving the enclosure a smooth, corrosion resistant surface. The spray color is customizable based on customer requirements.

Interior Structural Design
The interior structure includes an equipment compartment, wiring compartment and battery compartment, with space for equipment 19 inches in size.

Type TOC168CA-1745/A(H)
Dimensions: Height*width*depth 1745×1270×800 (mm)
Equipment compartment space 30U
The install space of users' device 10U
ODF wring department space 30U (The device can be installed in double faced style.)
Temperature control type A stands the air conditioner type; B stands the heat exchanger type.
Air conditioning refrigeration power 1500W
Heat power 1000W
UPS 1KVA/800W (Equipping with 3 storage batteries with 12V,C45AH)
Empty weight of outdoor telecom enclosure(Kg) 300Kg
Environmental condition Temperature: -40℃~55℃
Relative humidity: 5%~100%

1. Environment monitoring system of the outdoor telecom enclosure: With a gate alarm, power fail alarm, smog alarm, water log alarm, and humiture alarm, the device can send real time alarm messages to the monitoring center.

2. The outdoor telecom enclosure is equipped with an interior air conditioner to ensure the enclosure can protect the equipment inside, even din high temperature environments.

3. The door hinge is concealed on the interior of the door so that the bolt is not exposed. The door is an aluminum alloy safe-guard chain door that locks, for added security.

4. This outdoor telecom enclosure has an air inlet with a filter unit and a fan installed on top in order to facilitate air circulation.

5. The device is protected against water and dust, with an IP65 protection level.

6. The outdoor telecom enclosure is equipped with a power lightning protection and signal lightning protections, with a level B lightning and electric leakage protection rating.

7. The device does not require supervision to operate, and as the power frequency's current alternates, the UPS automatically runs to provide power.

8. The UPS has a cold boot function: when there is no power frequency alternating current, the device can directly operate using a battery.

9. The UPS system also has a fault diagnosis function, allowing users to quickly determine where a fault is through the use of an LED display.

10. The outdoor telecom enclosure is equipped with an LED light that has a high luminance. This light also has automatic access control, making inspection easy.

11. The storage battery is inside a closed box that retains the environmental temperature of the storage battery steady, thus extending the service life.

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