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FTTC Fiber Distribution Terminal

Hengchang supplies FTTC fiber distribution terminals, including optical fiber distribution hubs and fiber optic splice closures. All of these devices can be customized to suit your specific distribution needs.

    1. Optical Fiber Distribution Hub The optical fiber distribution hub is network interfacing equipment connected to optical fiber cable trunks with wiring optical fiber cable. Using the optical fiber distribution hub, the optical fiber cable trunk and wiring optical fiber cable can be fixed, stripped, protected, and connected with simplicity. With the optical fiber patch cord, the hub quickly adjusts optical fiber sequence numbers and changes the transmission routing system.
    1. Cross Connect Fiber Distribution Hub The cross connect fiber distribution hub is interfacing equipment designed for the connection of trunk optical fiber cable with wiring optical fiber cable. The device is compatible with installation methods of floor stand or overhead. Through the cross connect fiber distribution hub, optical fiber components such as fiber splices, terminal devices, storage, and dispatch can all be installed and performed. The hub is also applied in both passive and active network devices.
    1. Fiber Optic Splice Closure The fiber optic splice closure is intended for outdoor use and can connect more than two optical fiber cables with ease. The device is designed to adapt to different installation methods, like overhead pipes, direct burial, and manhole wiring. No matter the method, the splice closure protects the access network components. We can support fiber optic splice closures with 12-288 loads.

Hengchang is a specialized fiber optic communication equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the FTTC fiber distribution terminal, we are offering FTTX distribution products and solutions like for FTTP optical fiber laid to the premises, FTTH fiber to the home, FTTB fiber to the building, etc. We have extensive experience in making data communication equipment, always provide quality FTTC distribution products for global customers.

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