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HC-A High Density ODF Optical Distribution Frame

  • HC-A high density odf optical distribution frame
  • Optical cable grounding device
  • Link module
  • 12-core connection terminal unit
  • Fuse zone
  • Optical fiber pigtail

The HC-A high density odf optical distribution frame was developed for machine room optical cable distribution. The high density and large capacity fiber distribution equipment is especially suited for wiring optical fiber access networks and accessing large capacity optical fiber and optical branched cable installations.

The frame is constructed from high quality cold rolled steel plate to guarantee sufficient rigidity and strength.

The surface of the frame is electrostatically coated to ensure it has a great appearance and anticorrosive effects. The color can be customized.

Name Outline size (mm) (height × width × depth) Full capacity (core)
HC-A High Density ODF Optical Distribution Frame 2600×840×450 (300) 720
2200×840×450 (300) 576
2000×840×450 (300) 504

1. Using high quality steel plate, with surface electrostatic spray treatment, the construction is beautiful and durable.
2. Link module has the function of fusion splicing and wiring.
3. Suitable for both ribbon fiber and non-ribbon fiber.
4. Adapter installed in an inclined angle ensures the bending radius of the optical fiber, and prevents eyes form being damaged by powerful light.
5. Fiber optic connection can be equipped with different adapters, such as FC, SC, LC, ST, etc.
6. Optical fiber patch cord divided into upper and lower area management greatly shortens the distance of the wiring, and makes it more concise and clear.
7. Optical distribution box can be chosen for distribution protection of different kinds of optical cable.
8. Reliable cable fixing, stripping and grounding protection device.
9. When the optical fiber is connected to a device, it can go from the top as well as from the bottom.

Hengchang is a specialized fiber optic network equipment manufacturer since 1994, besides the high density ODF optical distribution frame, we are offering products like cable distribution cabinet, data center rack, power distribution frame, etc. We have extensive experience in making optical fiber communication equipment, always provide quality optical distribution frame for global customers.

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