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Fiber Optic Pigtail Cable

The fiber optic pigtail cable is comprised of the connector, water protection optical fiber cable and protection component, so that it can be used to connect the trunk optical fiber cable line to the optical receiver. Further, the fiber optic pigtail cable is applicable to outdoor optical transceivers, meaning it is often used for CATV and media equipment. The fiber optic pigtail cable can also be equipped with different connectors, including FC, SC, ST, LC, MU and SMA based on client requirements.

Technical indicators
◆ Insertion loss: ≤0.5dB (Including the repeatability)
◆ Return loss: Single mode APC≥60dB, Single mode UPC≥50dB, Multimode ≥30dB
◆ Working temperature: -40℃~+80℃
◆ Durability: >1000 times
◆ Tensile strength: 0~15Kg

1. The fiber optic pigtail cable is tensile, corrosion resistant and can be easily used in harsh environments.
2. Operation is convenient and secure, and there will be no rotation of the optical fiber cable and pigtail when tightening the collar nut.
3. The end face connector has undergone an APC special treatment.
4. Low insertion loss and high return loss.

Hengchang is a truthful optical fiber communication equipment and components manufacturer since 1994, besides the fiber optic pigtail cable, we are offering optical fiber adapter, connector, patch cord for cable distribution purpose. We have extensive experience in making fiber optic components, always provide quality optical fiber pigtail cable for global customers.

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