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Optical Beam Splitter

    1. Plug-in Type Optical Beam Splitter The plug-in optical beam splitter is primarily used in corridor optical beam boxes, and by increasing the number of plug in optical beam splitter used, the port will be extended. This insertion module uses a PLC optical beam splitter, and is compatible with SC or LC optical connectors.
    1. Box Type Fiber Optic Beam Splitter The box fiber optic beam splitter is another optic beam splitter used in corridor optical splitting boxes, as well as optical fiber distribution hubs. By increasing the number of box fiber optic beam splitters used, the ports are extended.

Hengchang is a specialized fiber optic communication equipment and components manufacturer since 1994, besides the optical beam splitter, we are offering optical fiber adapter, connector, patch cord, pigtail for cable distribution purpose. We have extensive experience in making fiber optic components, always provide quality optical fiber splitter for global customers.

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